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Complimentary (free) entry to the museum for donors, sponsors, etc

Do you provide complimentary/free entry for people who have helped out with the museum?


We are extremely grateful to anybody and everybody who has helped (or is helping) out with Derby Computer Museum.

We often get asked about complimentary/free entry and due to the costs of running the museum, and the massive costs of just powering everything on to open for the day we have set in place the following rules with regards to complimentary/free entry. Thank you for understanding! :)

Why do you put limits on the amount of complimentary/free entry you provide? Can't I just visit whenever I want and stroll in for free?

It's simple; cost!

It costs a huge amount of money to run the museum; and even more just to open the doors and pay for the electricity to turn all the exhibits on.

Electricity is a huge cost for us. Old computers are not very power efficient and use a lot of electricity. At the moment electricity is very expensive, so paying the electricity bills is a big cost for us. That's even before considering all the other costs.

In order to make the museum successful and pay the bills, it is essential that we bring in revenue through things such as entrance fees. As such, we have to be pragmatic with regards to the frequency and scope of the complimentary/free entrances provide, no matter how extremely grateful we are for everybody's help.

For corporate sponsors

For corporate sponsors of Derby Computer Museum we provide the following complimentary/free entry arrangements:-

Bronze sponsors - One free entry for you +1 year round per quarter (for the year you're sponsoring)

Silver sponsors - One free entry for you +1 year round per month (for the year you're sponsoring)

Gold sponsors - Free entry for you +1 all year round (for the year you're sponsoring)

For people who have donated item(s)

Of course! Without people donating items we wouldn't be where we are so we are extremely grateful to people donating items!!!

As a thank you we provide:-

For volunteers

Please discuss arrangements with the Chair of Trustees in advance of visiting the museum.

For anybody else who has helped out

Please discuss arrangements with one of the trustees by emailing in advance of visiting the museum to discuss potential arrangements. We can not provide ad-hoc complimentary/free entry without prior arrangement.

Can I redeem my complimentary/free entry when booking online?

No, not at the moment but this can be arranged when you visit in person and check in at reception on the 1st floor.

We have a list of all corporate sponsors, volunteers, donors, etc and how many times they've visited at the museum available at reception so we can check this and book you in when you visit.

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