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I have an exhibit for sale, do you want to buy it?

We do not usually buy exhibits.

We are a charity and are lucky enough to have items donated, loaned, or provided by our trustees and volunteers out of the kindness of their hearts.

We only usually buy exhibits if we can't get them donated, if they are particularily hard to find, we need something to complete a collection or exhibit, or if we need an exhibit more urgently to replace an existing exhibit which has stopped working.

Please kindly consider donating your exhibit to the museum (we're a registered charity), but if you really need the cash for it you might want to try listing it on ebay or asking if Retro World games shop in Derby wants to buy it.

Please do not email us asking us to buy your exhibits; we are not a buying service, but we are happy to receive donations. Please see our donate exhibits page for more information.

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