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Retro gaming birthday parties

Retro gaming birthday parties

For kids or adults!

Enjoy exclusive use of Derby Computer Museum for a birthday party. Available for kids or adults!


The museum is NOT available for birthday parties during these times:-

  • Saturdays before 4.30pm
  • Thursdays before 3pm
  • Fridays before 6pm

Retro computer game parties for grown ups


Group numbers include adults/supervisors/carers/etc - we have to factor in total numbers to due fire regs etc. eg if you have 20 children and 5 adults, that would put your group size at 25 (not 20).

The pricing below is for exclusive use of the museum.

1.5 hour booking

Group size No of people Fee
Small 1 to 15 £100
Medium 16 to 30 £140
Large 31 to 45 Not available with 1.5 hour booking
XL 45 to 60 Not available with 1.5 hour booking

2.5 hour booking

Group size No of people Fee
Small 1 to 15 £110
Medium 16 to 30 £160
Large 31 to 45 £230
XL 46 to 60 £270

3.5 hour booking

Group size No of people Fee
Small 1 to 15 Not available with 3.5 hour booking
Medium 16 to 30 £190
Large 31 to 45 £280
XL 46 to 60 £330

Please ensure group size is as per your booking - If you arrive with a group larger than the amount you have paid for, you will need to pay the difference by credit/debit card on arrival.

Duration - Duration of booking includes any time you require prior to your guests arriving. So if you want half an hour before your guests arrive, then 2 hours after, you'll need a 2.5 hour booking.

Birthday parties

Food / catering

You are welcome to bring your own food / drink and we have areas where this can be served. We do not have a kitchen. We are not able to organise catering on your behalf.


You are welcome to bring your own booze (BYOB) but under no conditions can you charge your guests for this (as we do not have an alcohol licence).

Any drinks spilt over exhibits and damages must be paid for.

Cans, pre-mixed and wine only (no spirits).

Birthday parties

Deposit / damages

There is a £50 deposit which is paid in advance and refunded to you after you leave.

Conditions on return of deposit are:-

  • Leave the museum as you found it
  • All rubbish to be thrown away in the trade bins to rear of building (our volunteers will show you where this is)
  • Any mess / food / used paper plates etc cleared up
  • No damage to exhibits / drinks spilled on them

Any damages to our exhibits must be paid for.

Birthday parties

How to book

1) Please email and let us know:-

  • Date & time
  • Group size

2) Once availability is confirmed, please make payment

Click here for our payment page. Select group size and duration, add to basket, and checkout.

Please note:-

  • Your booking is not confirmed until payment is received
  • Full payment is required a minimum of 14 days in advance


As a museum, we kindly request that all visitors show respect towards the exhibits and interactive activities at all times. Prior to or upon arrival, we kindly ask that all invited guests are informed about these guidelines.

We appreciate your cooperation in taking the initiative to clean up any spills or food that may be accidentally dropped, ensuring that the museum remains in the same clean condition it was presented to you. Cleaning equipment is readily available for your convenience. Additionally, we kindly request that you take any waste with you when you depart.

Consumption of alcohol is permitted, but on a "BYOB" basis. Any groups that get too rowdy or damage equipment will be asked to leave with no refunds.

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