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Video above: One of our Amstrad 80s computer props used in a theatre production.

Retro computer prop hire

Prop hire for TV, Film, theatre, events etc

We have a large selection of exhibits which can be made available for hire for TV/film/theatre or special events.

Exhibits are provided restored and fully working just as they did "back in the day".


Device 1-3 day hire 5 day hire
70s/80s Microcomputers
Amiga, Atari, Commodore C64, ZX Spectrum, BBC micro/master, Dragon 32, etc.
Provided with 14" CRT TV or suitable CRT monitor
£99 £149
80s home/office desktop PCs
(includes screen, keyboard & mouse)
£99 £149
90s home/office desktop PCs
(includes screen, keyboard & mouse)
£99 £149
Games consoles (Sega, Nintendo, Sony) with 14" CRT TV
NES, SNES, N64, PS1, Megadrive, Master system, Saturn, Dreamcast etc.
Excludes rare consoles.
£99 £149

Games/software: All the above can be provided with a choice of games and software. If there are specific games or software you require, please let us know well in advance so we can try and accomodate where possible.

Delivery: Pricing excludes delivery to/from your location. We can visit your site to setup the working props. Please contact us for pricing.

Deposit: A refundable damage deposit of £100 is applicable for up to 4 items. eg if you wanted to hire 8 items, then the deposit is £200. For 12 items, £300, and so on. Fully refundable as long as there is no damage.


We tend to keep a seperate catalogue of exhibits from what is on display at the museum for uses such as this. Availability depends on what we currently have on display, what is currently already being rented out, etc. Please contact us with your requirements for details.

We may have non working props (eg faulty items) which can be provided at a cheaper rate if just required for a back drop, however we can't guarantee availability of these as we restore almost all exhibits we acquire to working standard.

Restored and working, and mostly reliable!

Note that whilst we restore our exhibits to be fully working and operational, which often involves replacing old or failed components, we can not ever guarantee they will be 100% reliable. 30 or 40 year old computer equipment is obviously old and whilst we restore our items, there is always a small chance of failure. In this event we'll always do our best to replace with a similar item, where possible.

All exhibits will show signs of use. This may include slightly yellowed plastics which would have originally been white/grey.


We not provide or have insurance cover for your rental of props. You will need to insure these yourselves for the time they are with you, which would include public liabilty insurance for working props used by your staff, visitors, etc.

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