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Please take a look through our room tours below. We have a ton of games to play, fun to be had, history to learn about and more. Please also see the layout page for a map of the museum, or our gallery for pictures.

70s & 80s micro computers room

Play a ton of vintage games on exhibits such as Acorn Electron, BBC computers, Commodore 64, Dragon 32, Radofin, ZX Spectrum and more.

British Gaming History room

A dozen machines you can play where all the games were created in the UK! Including Jet Set Willy, Lemmings, Rick Dangerous, Goldeneye, Theme Hospital and Grand Theft Auto.

Japanese room

Working Japanese consoles from the 80s and 90s including Nintendo, Sega and Sony. Some of these machines are the japanese versions with the games in Japanese!

PC room

Our PC room has a ton of games to play, as well as a showcase of operating system and software history. Many of the machines are networked for multi-player DOOM!

Apple room

Around half a dozen vintage Apple computers including an Applie IIe, Apple SE/30, and iconic Apple iMacs from the late 90s

Music, portables & rare games consoles

This is our "everything else" room! We have music based computers showing how dance music was made in the 80s and 90s, cabinets displaying portable computers (laptops, palmtops etc), and some rare games consoles to play too!

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