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Hands on

Hands on

See, touch, play and use!

Going to a museum and only seeing anything through a piece of glass can get rather boring sometimes. Instead, we have 55 working exhibits which you can touch, use and play on!

Our mission is to make sure that as many as possible of our exhibits are available to use; that means being able to use them as if you went into a time machine to 30 or 40 years ago and used the exhibits as if they were brand new.

We work really hard to restore our exhibits to "as new" and working condition so that you can use them as if you had travelled back in time.

Note that there will be some exhibits that are either in the process of restoration (so not currently usable) or very fragile (eg palmtops, PDAs and laptops) which won't be hands on however should you want to see these items in more depth please don't hesitate to ask for a 1 to 1 demo.

Hands on


We aren't solely games focused but part of computing history is games!! So the vast majority of our collection has games available to play. This can vary from really old games like Pacman from the early 80s on 386 and 486 PCs to Mario Kart on the Nintento 64.

Have a browse through our collection to see more of what we have to offer.

Hands on

Nerd out

We want to appeal to everyone; whether that be someone who knows nothing about computers to someone who is a super nerd, current IT pro, or ex-IT pro.

As such we've made sure to appeal to nerds too (well, we are nerds!). To do this we have:-

  • Every exhibit has a sign or display board detailing the history on the item
  • Boxed versions of vintage software including boxed Windows 2.11, Windows 3.11, etc
  • Old school manuals and tech history
  • Display boards explaining history of computing technology
  • Oh, and we run a Netware 4.11 network

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